From an urban waste fat mountain to green mobility 

BDI receives further order from US-American customer


The Austrian plant engineering company BDI – BioEnergy International AG (“BDI”) was awarded a contract for a new BioDiesel plant in the United States featuring BDIs latest technology.


  • Recycling waste oils and fats into high-quality BioDiesel using patented BDI RepCAT technology into high-quality BioDiesel
  • First plant of its kind in the USA
  • Provides an environmentally and economically sound solution for managing growing volumes of fatty waste oils that are being generated in California’s metropolitan areas 


Crimson Renewable Energy (“Crimson”) is the largest biodiesel producer in California. A year after the successful commissioning of two new major subsystems purchased from BDI, the company once again chose BDI as technology provider for a new biodiesel plant that will run alongside Crimson’s existing plant.

This lighthouse project in the USA is the third BDI plant dedicated to the disposal of fatty waste materials from metropolitan areas. Beside Hong Kong – where trap grease from local restaurants are converted, and Stanlow/UK – where also “Fettbergs” from the London sewage system are used as feedstock for BioDiesel production, the new Crimson plant will mainly process fats, oil and grease (FOG) from metropolitan areas in California.

The innovative RepCAT technology is an in-house development of BDI. The first plant of this kind was built in Austria. In contrast to the standard biodiesel process, RepCAT features a low-cost recyclable catalyst and avoids complex by-product treatment. Therefore, operating costs are drastically reduced and the quality of byproducts is significantly improved.

A further highlight of the RepCAT technology is the extremely high feedstock flexibility. Waste oils and fats of different kinds and origin, e.g. used cooking oil, yellow grease, animal fats, trap grease, or residues from vegetable oil refining, can be processed into high-quality BioDiesel.

According to Harry Simpson, CEO of Crimson, “Following the successful upgrading of certain major subsystems of our existing biodiesel plant, BDI was the leading contender for the addition of a new production line to expand of our plant in California. was a good business decision for Crimson to choose BDI because of the very positive experience we had with the highly professional BDI team over the past 2 years combined with BDI’s long history of building successful biodiesel plants and the opportunity to utilize the BDI RepCAT technology to run new waste oil feedstocks.”

Hermann Stockinger, Vice President Sales at BDI, said “We got to know Crimson as a results oriented customer with a strong market position but who was still open to new technologies. All of us at BDI are now very much looking forward to working together again with the excellent Crimson team in order to make this project a success and prove the many benefits of the BDI RepCAT technology.”

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Edgar Ahn
BDI – BioEnergy International AG