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One catchword more than anything sums up the development of the Green Tech Valley and the expertise in research at this location: Dynamism.

Situated in southern Austria, it is The Global Hotspot for Climate Protection and Circular Economy Solutions. Of the 18 Centres of Expertise for Energy and Environmental Technology in Austria, 15 of them are located here. Over the last 5 years, the number of researcher scientists working here has increased by 50% to 1,800. And there are still more to come: An additional 1,000 people are targeted for Green Tech research by 2025. Based within the Green Tech Valley, there are six universities and more than a dozen international R&D centres of global technology leaders. This also has a noticeable impact on economic statistics: The total R&D intensity in southern Austria is 5% – to which the vigorous growth of Green Tech sector makes a significant contribution.

And the research sector is continuously expanding. For example: Two leading energy sector companies, Andritz and Verbund, have recently established new research facilities for recycling and hydrogen technology in the Green Tech Valley.

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