Flexible, clean, and intelligent – new heating boiler KWB Multifire 

Its astounding degree of compactness is helping the new KWB Multifire heating unit win over the newest generation. The KWB Multifire was developed with maximal durability, a wide range of fuel options, and maximal flexibility in spacial set-up. Sweeping innovation is achieved through the variety of advancements made and the core of the heating unit: the KWB crawling burner, whose ground-breaking technology is unique worldwide. Usable within the performance range of 20-120 kW, the wood chip and pellet heating unit exceeds high expectations set for the safe supply of heat to large structures such as public buildings, multifamily residences, or agricultural operations.

In the past, the KWB Multifire has been capable of handling fuels of various qualities before, and earned an honourable reputation for its name. It is through the development of the patented KWB crawling burner that the Multifire takes everything to the next level. The high-performance burner with special geometry maintains a calm bed of embers through a slow, even, and variable burning speed, ensuring absolutely stress-free burning with the lowest possible emissions. Responsible for adjusting to the fuel qualities is the crawling burner, the core and true sensation of this robust high-tech unit. Equipped with high-alloy burning elements and a cleaning comb, the unit´s configuration also ensures that the burner cleans itself and no debris is left behind.

Maximal fuel utilisation with chang­ing fuel qualities is managed by integrated fuel recognition plus*, which automatically adjusts the air supply and burning speed when fuel possessing various qualities is introduced. The optimised geometry of the silicon burning chamber and the special shape and alignment of the nozzle ensures additional intensive turbulence and a long retention time for the wood gases in the combustion chamber. The effect: The gases burn out completely. Together with the new burning regulation and proven KWB high-efficiency turbulators, this leads to the ideal exchange of heat with consistently high efficiency factors of up to 96 percent. And all that is accomplished with both partial load and nominal load operation.

The Multitalent of Fuels
The KWB Multifire is multi-talented when it comes to fuels, and it can handle not only wood pellets and wood chips possessing various qualities, but is also optimally equipped for agro-pellets such as corn cobs, miscanthus, or olive pits. Its wide range of fuels and fast adaptation to changing fuel qualities are unique and create a great deal of flexibility and security for the client.

A true space saver
Always an important issue: Utilising space efficiently. Being just as stress-free as the burning itself, the refined modular design is configured similarly to the KWB Easyfire, guaranteeing easy and untroubled insertion into the heating room. This makes planning and assembly much easier. Once it is on-site, the heating boiler´s space saving set-up variations are especially impressive. Spaces with a low ceiling or wall corners are no longer a problem.

Service and Installation Quite Simple and Fast
The easily accessible control points and clearly defined connection points make installation and service a breeze. Once it has been successfully installed, a start-up assistant will quickly run you through the start-up process, thus helping save valuable time.

Low Power Consumption
Especially impressive: Intelligent drive motors from the automotive industry with load-dependent current­ intake reduce power consumption to a minimum. Additionally, a large rotary feed­er ensures low power consumption and facilitates the seamless transport of fuel. The tried and tested surge drum allows additional electricity to be stored.

cleanEfficiency Technology also in the Multifire
The still further developed “cleanEfficiency” technology is now also a permanent component of the KWB Multifire. In just one concept, cleanEFFICIENCY encompasses the technology package for increased efficiency, emissions reduction, and maximal convenience originating from the KWB Innovation Centre. cleanEFFICIENCY combined with the KWB crawling burner technology sets new standards for a modern high-tech biomass heating unit, because it is the result of many years of KWB expertise and the overall system will continue to be perfected well into the future. Markedly noticeable technical and geometric refinements that may nonetheless be invisible upon first glance set it apart from the conventional models on the market.

KWB CEO, Erwin Stubenschrott: “The new KWB Multifire wins consumers over with its innovative new developments and most of all through its distinctly high fuel flexibility. IT goes right along with the motto “I have the choice!” You have a choice with the highest burn-off quality and lowest emissions. Regardless of which renewable fuel is currently trending, the effect with all variants is exactly the same. Using raw or waste materials reduces heating costs over the cost of oil by up to 80 percent. At the same time, fossil heat is replaced by regional, renewable energy.”

KWB Multifire in a “Word Rap“
The space saver: -Saving space through set-up variations for individual needs – The multi-talented one: – Burning through the greatest range of fuel options
The power saver: – Through load-dependent current intake
The friendly one: – With such friendly installation and service
The clean one: – With the lowest emission values
The simple one: -Through planning, installation, and assembly
The convenient one: – Through handling of the ash container, quiet functioning, and operation
The unique one: -It´s the KWB crawling burner technology

Source: KWB – Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse