First zero waste plant in Unterpremstätten 

Saubermacher has put the advanced technology system for the treatment of industrial wastewater into operation following a concentrated programme of research and development. The system turns contaminated industrial wastewater into process water using advanced processes such as reverse osmosis. The liquids are cleaned, valuable substances such as oil are recovered and pollutants separated out. And as Hans Roth is pleased to remark; “The end result is pure water”. Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter welcomes flagship projects such as the one from Saubermacher: “This facility is a prime example of the sustainable use of our valuable resources. As a result innovation and investment in environmental technology are promoted and valuable green jobs created.” Regional Minister Johann Seitinger further expressed his hope: “That systems such as this will be created as often as possible around the world!” And added with a wink of the eye that: “Naturally they should be outside of the radius of investment guarantees”. Governor Franz Voves also recognised the growth potential of environmental technologies: “Environmental technology is one of the growth industries. And ultimately new jobs also result from this growth.”

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