Facility opens for industrial battery recycling 

World market leader in portable battery recycling opens new high technology site and brings in expertise from Austria.

Ideal Site. Around one third of the total volume of portable batteries collected in Europe can be recycled at the new site in Offenbach am Main. Processing has been significantly improved, in addition to the increase in capacity, and there is potential for future extensions. The modern plant and equipment is able to reprocess approximately 80% of the main types of batteries, such as alkaline-manganese or zinc-carbon cells. The Frankfurt region is also ideal for servicing the international customers of REDUX and offers many logistical advantages. The site employs around 40 employees.

The new facilities meet the highest environmental criteria and represent further technical advance in the pioneering process methods, which REDUX has itself developed, and which enable used batteries to be broken down into constituent components and reused as secondary raw materials for battery production. The new process method not only recycles valuable primary raw materials, but also reduces the amount of waste by some 30%. The required energy consumption is reduced by an order of magnitude. “Apart from the economic and environmental benefits, the recycling ratio is improved significantly through this process and our new facilities. This is of great importance for our customers,” comments Holger Kuhlmann, Managing Director of REDUX, in emphasising the high level of customer and environmental orientation of this pioneer in recycling.

The new production site is able to handle up to 25,000 tonnes of portable batteries per year. This is equivalent to about 1 billion battery cells.

Fotocredit: Saubermacher AG

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