Europe’s largest solar module production 

Europe’s largest photovoltaic module manufacturer starts production

  • Energetica Photovoltaic Industries from Austria is the largest manufacturer of quality and high-performance photovoltaic modules in Europe.
  • In the new plant in Liebenfels (Carinthia), one gigawatt of solar module output is generated each year via fully automated production lines.
  • Production on Industry 4.0 level started on September 17th.


“Our goal is to produce high-performance, intelligent and visually appealing high-end photovoltaic modules in Austria. Energy self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable and at retail prices, with which we can also compete against Asian manufacturers in the global competition, ”Rene Battistutti, founder and CEO of Energetica Photovoltaic Industries, summarizes the ambitious business plans. Energetica’s newly opened gigawatt factory in Carinthia’s Liebenfels is a key step for achieving this ambitious goal.


One gigawatt of solar module output per year
A new generation of high-performance solar modules have been running on the conveyor belts of the fully automated production system at Industry 4.0 level since September 17th. An annual generation of more than one gigawatt solar module output (corresponds to around five million m² module area) is possible. This makes the plant in Liebenfels not only the largest solar module production plant in Europe in terms of capacity, but also one of the most modern plants in the world. At the 63,000 m2 industrial site, around 100 employees produce standard photovoltaic modules and solar products for facades, roofs, walls, balconies and gardens on a large industrial scale and at low cost.


Specialist knowledge from Carinthia in worldwide demand
The know-how of Energetica in the production of special modules is very popular worldwide. Some prestigious projects such as the characteristic PV facade of the KAPSARC (King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center) in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) have been implemented in recent years. The “petals” of the all-in-one Smartflower solar system also come from Energetica. Therefore, the special module production is also expanded and the corresponding know-how bundled and expanded in-house.


Sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy self-sufficient production
When fully expanded, Energetica’s new gigawatt factory will be a future-oriented “zero emission factory”. The module production is then supplied with self-generated electricity: by means of a photovoltaic power plant with an output of 2.7 MWp (corresponds to the electricity requirements of around 900 households) including the appropriately dimensioned battery storage. In addition, the company’s own process waste heat and the nearby biomass heating plant are used, thus generating all the energy required at the production site. ”


Own research and development center
A research and development center is connected to the production plant. “This strengthens Energetica’s technological leadership in the field of high-performance photovoltaic modules,” said Rene Battistutti. Not only should solar technologies and solar user products be devised and further developed here, for example in order to be able to issue licenses for new product technologies: “With our R&D center we can support external partners – for example companies that come from other industrial sectors and would like to integrate solar technology into their products – with our know-how. Our goal is to accompany ideas from the first prototypes to series production. “


Robust high-tech for the global PV market
In all product lines, Energetica relies exclusively on high-quality and durable materials. “This is how we guarantee the robust, reliable quality of our products. Technologically, Energetica is one of the international avant-garde in the industry thanks to the use of semi-solar cells, 12-busbar technology and anti-reflective glass. ”Patents such as Energetica Integrated Shadow Protection (e.ISP) are intended to offer decision-making and purchase-relevant differentiation criteria in competition. “The e.ISP is an electronic shading management system that, compared to conventional modules, provides a higher power output in the sun and shading,” says Rene Battistutti. “Furthermore, this integrated control element significantly reduces the risk of module damage due to overheating. This in turn guarantees a longer lifespan for our modules, which is reflected in the Energetica guarantees.”

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Dieter Adametz
Energetica Photovoltaik Industries