European Research and Development Project GBE Factory 

At June 2011 started the European Research and Development Project „GBE Factory“, which create a new Energy-Building Label – Austrian partners are involved.

The project developed the concept of “GREEN-BLUE ENERGY FACTORY”: industrial and commercial buildings equipped with single or combined renewable energy sources, able to provide electricity and heating/cooling for the air conditioning of their premises, as well as for the business activities housed therein. The goal is a highself provision or furthermore to provide energy to surrounding industrial and commercial buildings.

From this perspective, the project will help companies in new investments for the integration of renewable energies in conjunction with their own production activities.
The research program IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) of the European Commission allows the project partners from the EU (Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Bulgaria) to develop different possible solutions.

GBE FACTORY will encourage the transition from industrial and commercial buildings using fossil fuel to second generation buildings/sites which are energetically sustainable and environment-friendly.

Contents/Services for interested enterprises:
– Feasibility Studies
– financially sustainable business models
– Draft 5 exemplary proposal of GBE Factory investments
– matchmaking events (supplier, users, investors/banks)
– Award virtuous companies with the GBE FACTORY „Energy-Building Label“ and visibility at the European level

The most important result is the initiation of projects for the construction of demo plants, in order to support the deployment of renewable energy and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Are you interested in becoming partner of the network, the project results, and events or in investments of renewable energies? Newsletter – registration, contact information and further details can be found at: