How can you benefit 
 from the EU Green Deal? 

EU Green Deal

The European Green Deal

The Green Deal is one of 6 overarching EU priorities with the goal of becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050. By promoting sustainable technologies and opening new markets, the Green Deal is a great growth opportunity for all companies in the environmental sector.

Targets and measures have been defined in 8 thematic areas to advance climate protection and preserve biodiversity, supply Europe with clean energy, create sustainable industry, eliminate pollution, establish environmentally compatible mobility, and establish large-scale sustainable agriculture.

To achieve the goals and implement the measures, the EU is providing around €1 trillion from 2021 – 2027 and bringing numerous regulations and laws into national implementation. This enormous budget will strengthen a sustainable economy through financing and subsidies and open up new business areas on the European market.

The 8 thematic areas

Climate Protection
Clean Energy
Elimination of Environmental Pollution
Sustainable Industry
Building and Renovation
Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable Agriculture

How you can benefit from the EU Green Deal

Our Green Deal infographic explains in short the most relevant info about the EU Green Deal possibilities and supplies you with the basic facts. It shows the providing market and funding instruments and how you can profit from them for your green project. You will also find the most relevant networks on European level to join.