Environmentally friendly transformers heat London school

21. September 2015


Eco World Styria Siemens Transformatoren in London

The Siemens transformer works in Weiz are installing a new innovative type of transformer in London. It is cooled and insulated with an ester compound, an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional mineral oil. Not only is the waste heat from the coolant recovered to heat a school but, due to the high sound insulation properties, this new generation of advanced transformer sets a new standard in urban power distribution.


The Siemens transformer works in Weiz has received the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of three transformers in London from the UK National Grid. For cooling and insulating, the transformers are filled with an ester compound, an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional mineral oil. And in the future the waste heat will be recovered to heat a London school. The first two of the three 240 megavolt amperes (MVA) 400/132/13 kilovolt (kV) autotransformers have been successfully tested and delivered from the factory. The third transformer will shortly be transported by rail from Weiz to the Danube port of Linz. The delivery to the construction site in London will be in the autumn. Handover to the customer is scheduled for April 2016.

Special transformers for special demands
In the densely populated centres of major cities like London, it is particularly important that transformers be safe, quiet and environmentally friendly. The Siemens transformer works in Weiz has specially developed transformers for the construction of a substation in the capital city, which are particularly well matched to these requirements. The transformers are characterised by the following features:

1) The use of synthetic esters as an insulating medium
Liquid esters are either produced by esterification of alcohol and acids or derived from renewable resources. Esters are biodegradable and are also noted for an extremely low risk of explosion and fire. Transformers insulated with ester compounds are therefore ideally suited for use in environmental protection areas and in cities.

2) The recovery of waste heat for heating a school
Another special feature of the transformers for London is the environmentally concious recovery of the waste heat produced during operation, which is usually released into the ambient air. In cooperation with the customer, Siemens has developed an environmentally friendly solution for heating an adjacent school building with the waste heat from the transformers using a heat recovery system. The three transformers produce about 4,000 kWh of usable heat energy per day, which through this approach can be made use of in an environmentally friendly manner.

3) Low-noise transformer design
When installing transformers in urban areas, noise emissions play an important role in addition to reliability and safety. It is important to ensure that the transformer and the associated cooler operate as quietly as possible under varying load conditions. A custom-made insulation housing and a sound reducing cooler with inverter controlled fans complete the low noise design.

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