Engineering innovator shapes the future with two new technologies 

Engineering innovator shapes the future with two new technologies:
Comfort-enhancing heating application and wind turbine for private power supply

True to its “made of visions” motto, the Graz-based engineering service provider qpunkt has been renowned for innovative new ideas for many years. A unique combination of simulation, experimentation and measurement technology in the fields of thermal management and flow technology makes the company one of a small number of providers within the sector to offer a complete product portfolio. Now qpunkt is expanding its portfolio even further and, with its patented radheatTM heating technology and a wind turbine developed by the company itself, is presenting two leading-edge products for the optimised heating and energy recovery systems of the future.

qpunkt was founded in 2008 and from the outset was able to establish itself as an innovative specialist provider of complex solutions. Engineering services focus on the automotive industry, but also serve other sectors such as air and rail, research and development, consultancy and multi-purpose. With its own in-house test infrastructure development, qpunkt has also made a name for itself as a testing expert. Along with an A/C system test bed and a compressor test bed, further facilities such as an acoustic test chamber, an engine test facility, etc. are available for testing purposes.

The company employs more than 80 staff in Austria and Germany and, in addition to its headquarters in Hart bei Graz, it runs branch offices in Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Ingolstadt. qpunkt works for all well-known German premium manufacturers and for the world´s leading automotive supply companies. In research projects with renowned partners and its own R&D department, qpunkt achieves a research quota of 12% and provides leading-edge services for major market trends such as electric and hybrid vehicles, etc. With its two new products, which were also in-house developments, qpunkt is putting down further markers for all-round enhancements for the future.

radheatTM: Smart heating technology increases comfort and safety
Mobility today means maximum efficiency and performance with increasing convenience and improved comfort. Founded in 2012, the qp subsidiary Villinger responds to the increasing demands of the market with an innovative electrically heatable coating application. Lighter, more efficient and “intelligent“, radheatTM offers a high-performance alternative to conventional heating systems and can be used in a number of different sectors. radheatTM is of particular interest and is already being used successfully in aircraft construction for tempering complex and large-surface components. As a coating for the cabin and cockpit, the self-regulating application achieves new levels of convenience for passengers and staff, offering comfort without unpleasant disruptive effects such as draughts, etc. RadheatTM makes a valuable contribution to safety with the de-icing of wings and propellers, operating completely automatically – without additional staff and machinery – thanks to the infrared radiation based solution, while simultaneously optimising energy consumption.

Wind turbine with industry expertise for private energy recovery
In times of climate change, everyone is talking about renewable energy in the form of solar installations, wind power stations, etc. As a flow expert, qpunkt regards wind as one of the most viable new energy sources which can be technically adapted for use by private consumers. The high value added potential has encouraged qpunkt to develop a professional wind turbine in the 1kw and 10kw model ranges for use in residential buildings and by SMEs, exploiting the flow technology expertise from industrial projects to promote sustainable corporate environmental awareness.

Delivering optimum efficiency for individual fields of application in the small consumer market, the wind turbine makes a lasting impression with its aerodynamically refined, low-noise solution and outstanding performance, as qpunkt Managing Director Robert Breinl knows: “We adapted the aircraft wing principle to accelerate significantly the wind in the pipe and achieve a high level of efficiency.” This will allow the average household to meet a large proportion of its annual power requirement with the qpunkt wind turbine. The only prerequisite is an appropriate supply of wind, for example on the roofs of high-rise buildings, which can be converted into efficient qpunkt mini wind power stations. A prototype has already been operating successfully since the end of 2011, and the wind turbine is going into series production this autumn.

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Source: Press release from qpunkt GmbH