ECO WORLD STYRIA concludes globally unique alliance 

The new Green Tech Service Alliance has been concluded by ECO WORLD STYRIA with the ten leading international cluster organisations in this area. This union is globally unique in the work of clusters. The Styrian environmental engineering cluster sets another benchmark as the number 1 and gives companies a direct link to global markets.

Graz (15 April 2014) Provincial Minister of Economy, Christian Buchmann, emphasised that: “With the Service Alliance of ECO WORLD STYRIA regional environmental technology companies can network internationally even more effectively. This enables new business opportunities and provides value added and employment in Styria. With this unique initiative, ECO WORLD STYRIA proves once again why it has been elected twice as the world´s best environmental engineering cluster.”

Direct line to the world
To be a star at home is a great triumph. The opportunity to succeed across borders and continents, however, remains a challenge even for many highly innovative companies. Bernhard Puttinger, Managing Director of ECO WORLD STYRIA, recognises that “The time factor is critical to success. Therefore, the new alliance provides a direct link between companies and clusters, both simple and quick.”

This success is reflected in this recent example: A Graz start-up in the field of biofuel recently wanted to offer a Scandinavian company its highly specialised services. In order to make direct contact with the local management, contact was made ​​exclusively by the local and well-connected Clean Tech Service Alliance partner. With just one phone call a lucrative business relationship was created.

1 cluster, 10 countries
Under the slogan, “Pay 1, get 10”, ECO member companies gain direct access to business opportunities and cluster contacts in Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Canada and the USA (Colorado, North Carolina). Companies receive first class business contacts from local contact partners as well as advice on topics such as market opportunities and environmental regulations, i.e. a “like at home” service with ECO WORLD STYRIA.

This new Service Alliance was concluded at the initiative of ECO WORLD STYRIA within the existing International Environmental Technology Network (ICN). “Our years of development work have paid off. We provide companies with direct benefits. They are, therefore, able to cooperate internationally with even greater strength and drive forward innovation together, “says Stephan Skare Nielsen, director of the International Environmental Technology Network (ICN).

For further inquiries contact: ECO WORLD STYRIA, Mag. Isabella Wuthe, MAS, T +43 676 75 08 780