District Heating or Cooling – or how to boost the European economy! 

The value of energy wasted each year in the European Union amounts to a whopping € 1.0001 per citizen. Euroheat & Power2 highlights that this figure represents a huge economic loss that could be significantly reduced through increased use of District Heating and/or District Cooling.
Heat is the most needed form of energy used by EU citizens. According to the International Energy Agency, 37% of the services we receive from energy providers are for heat, compared with only 21% for electricity. This confirms that heat is the dominant demand. At the same time, an analysis of the European energy balance undertaken in the study Ecoheat4EU3 shows that more than half of the primary energy available to Europe is today lost as waste heat. At current oil prices, the value of this amount of energy is equal to roughly 500 billion EUR or € 1.000 per citizen.
Hence, the most energy efficient way to meet the demand for heat is to use heat that would otherwise be wasted, and which will be produced regardless of whether or not it is recycled. Most of this “waste heat” comes from power plants and industrial facilities. District Heating and Cooling is the proven way to ensure that waste heat is recycled to provide comfort and domestic warm water to buildings, or even to cover certain industrial heat demands – thereby not only preventing unnecessary and unsustainable waste but also reducing the need for fossil fuels.
A leading example on how saving heat recycling in District Heating and Cooling can contribute to a healthy economy and stable energy bills is Denmark who is currently holding the Presidency of the European Union.
“The true picture of the European energy supply is that we waste an appalling share of the energy which we have at our disposal. Looking to the targets for 2020 and 2050, at our growing dependency from foreign supplies and the economic difficulties that come along with rising energy prices, it is difficult to understand how the EU could afford to continue wasting valuable energy and resources” says Birger Lauersen, International Affairs Manager at the Danish District Heating Association and President of Euroheat & Power. “Supporting District Heating is the most effective step that EU Member States can take towards attaining a higher level of energy efficiency. If we expand the use of District Heating and Cooling we can recycle a high share of the 53% of primary energy that we waste each day.”
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Source: Euroheat & Power, 30.04.2012