Digital production by simple retrofit 

The topic “Industry 4.0” is on everybody´s mind these days, but this rapidly growing future market still lacks flexible and affordable tools to realise ideas and applications immediately and cost effectively.

We have assisted many customers and distributors in recent years with the introduction of telematic solutions that ensure Industry 4.0 is sustainably implemented into their businesses.

In doing this we noticed that each customer had different requirements, yet existing providers tried to sell their products at a high price without the necessary adaptations. This is basically how projects in this area started.

The challenge was always that customers recognised the potential but were not willing to pay a huge price for small adaptations.

The t-matix solution can be compared to the evolution of the internet. In its early days a considerable effort was necessary for the programming of internet pages and further modifications proved to be quite costly. Today we use flexible CMS systems to produce internet pages more efficiently. The maintenance and modifications of these pages can very easily be implemented by you, the user.

With the t-matix building kit, comprising of a TCU (t-matix control unit) and the portal designer, nothing stands in your way when it comes to easily and cost-efficiently entering the world of telematics. You can create future applications on your own in the field of the “internet of things”. Benefit from this unique opportunity and realise your ideas and innovations in the simplest possible way. This is “telematics at the next level”.

Green Tech Cluster - Digital production
Green Tech Cluster – Digital production