Digital Master Plan for Smart City Graz 

As the world’s leading company for smart city technologies and developers of the cognitive computer system, Watson, IBM is providing ideas for intelligent solutions for the city of Graz

The Smart City Tech Lab is being used by the City of Graz and IBM to plan and develop a series of pilot projects for the smart, digital city of the future. In partnership with the relevant departments of the City of Graz and local companies, ideas for new applications and solutions for improving urban infrastructure and efficiency are to be developed. An extended intelligence is being used, which understands, learns and interacts with the data in Graz, and draws conclusions to enable traffic planning, parking space management and public transport to be even more efficient in the future. In addition, using appropriate tools, multi-modality is encouraged, i.e. the use of different transport options depending on the situation. Today the tram may be the fastest way to cover the route from the train station to Mariatrost, but tomorrow in could be the e-scooter, while at the weekend it might be more comfortable to go by bus or e-bike. Here cognitive systems, which also include weather data, can assist in preventing the formation of any congestion.

Smart City Graz 2050

The vision of the Graz urban region for the year 2050 is well-known: a dynamic city with compact urban development and mixed use, attractive public spaces and the highest quality of life. To achieve this, “Smart City Graz” is anchored in the strategy of low emissions, resource conservation and fuel and energy efficiency. However, this can only be achieved with a comprehensive concept and advanced innovation solutions from national as well as international technology leaders. The SmartCity Tech Lab is therefore the appropriate platform to present current challenges and to combine ideas and solutions from companies with the decision makers of the city of Graz. The Green Tech Cluster explores appropriate technologies and identifies globally and regionally leading providers of smart city solutions as well as start-ups with technology innovations.

The SmartCity Graz Tech Lab, which collaborates with international and national technology providers and jointly develops pilot projects with the City of Graz, is coordinated by the Green Tech Cluster Styria.


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