Diamonds measure contaminants in the water 

In a collaboration between pro aqua Diamantelektroden Produktion GmbH, AUG Elektronik GmbH, Bytepoets GmbH and the Department of waste recycling technology and waste management at the University of Leoben, a new device for measuring the TOC content (total organic carbon) in water and wastewater has been designed.

The TOC content in the water is an essential parameter for the assessment of organic impurities in (waste) water. This content plays an important role in compliance with wastewater emissions regulation or as indicator parameters in accordance with drinking water regulation. Furthermore, the TOC value serves as an essential information base for process control for example in wastewater treatment plants.

The newly developed TOC measurement device transforms the organic carbon, contained in a sample, into the gaseous phase by electrolysis with diamond electrodes. Through oxidation of the organic ingredients CO2 is generated. This is expelled from the liquid and finally passes into the CO2 detector located above the liquid level. The measured data is then sent via a wireless interface to an evaluation unit.

Conclusion: The new TOC measurement device offers a simplified measurement procedure with a large dynamic working range. The possibility of field measurements and short measurement times are guaranteed. And likewise the quick and easy implementation of software updates, and avoidance of contamination is also guaranteed.

Source: pro aqua