CTP takes flue gas purification to a new level 

Stringent legislation in the US is based on state emission standards for hazardous air pollutants, and requires many cement producers to comply with national NESHAP limits. This is where technology from CTP particularly comes into play.

CTP and Holcim (US), one of the largest cement manufacturers in the world, have signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a flue gas purification system to reduce emissions from a cement kiln at the Midlothian site in Texas. The flue gas discharged from heat exchangers of the calcination and cement clinker mill are to be fed into the existing dust filter, then on to a new RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation unit) and finally into the existing wet scrubber.

The scope of the project includes the supply and installation of a CTP AutoTherm 6-bed plant that is able to handle and discharge 420,000 Nm3 of flue gas per hour. In addition, the flue gas pipelines will be upgraded so that the flue gas is fed into the RTO and back again. The system will be ready for operation in 2016 and represents another big step for the environment.

For more than 30 years, CTP has been designing and constructing highly efficient and cost effective, custom flue gas and emission control systems for the removal of organic pollutants and inorganic compounds in flue gases, in all key industry sectors around the world. Today CTP inventions are acclaimed as cutting edge technology, to which a host of international patents bear witness.

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