Contract worth billions for Siemens from Riad 

A contract worth billions for Siemens from Saudi-Arabia has now been wrapped up. For a total of 1.5 billion Euros, Siemens will deliver a turn-key train system for two driverless underground railway lines for the capital Riad. The quickly growing city with five million inhabitants, which so far has been using above all diesel omnibuses for local traffic, wants to take a further step towards modernisation of its traffic infrastructure with this investment.

The contract for Siemens comprises electrification, signal and communications technology for driverless and unattended operation, as well as the underground trains. Siemens will deliver 74 metro vehicles of type Inspiro, which are built at the Vienna-Simmering plant. The carriages for the underground trains are manufactured at the Siemens plant in Graz. Sandra Gott-Karlbauer, CEO of Business Unit Urban Transport at Siemens: “This is an outstanding success for our metro business and the biggest individual contract we have ever been awarded within this region. Especially against the backdrop of the most recent investments into our Vienna plant, contracts of this order of magnitude are important to ensure employment.”

The trains manufactured from aluminium run on standard gauge and can reach a speed of up to 90 kilometres per hour. The 2- and 4-part trains are designed for the region’s climate conditions. This includes a larger air-conditioning system, which also provides sufficient cooling in extreme heat. Furthermore, bogies, traction drive, brakes and doors were provided with special filters and seals in order to prevent penetration of sand.

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