Cluster partners appreciate the expertise and innovative strength of Eco 

Technological leadership and exports drive growth
The 180 cluster companies of ECO WORLD STYRIA grew again last year: environmental technology turnover has risen by 2.5%, in nominal terms, to € 3.69 billion. Companies in the sector expect a significant increase in turnover again in 2015 with a further growth of +6.4%. The results are derived from the annual business survey of the Styrian environmental technology cluster ECO WORLD STYRIA. There have also been significant increases in jobs in environmental technology: Now with 20,600, the 20 thousand mark has been passed for the first time.

Export and technology are factors for success
In particular export-oriented companies as well as global environmental technology leaders (regardless of their company size) grew strongly with a nominal increase in turnover of 3.6% and 3.2% respectively. The export quota of Styrian environmental technology companies has continued to increase again slightly. Today, significantly more than €9 out of every €10 are generated abroad.

Technology leaders with outstanding results
In particular, the technology-oriented small companies, such as ensowa (organic cleaning of oil-contaminated soils without dredging), EcoCan (even higher light yields for LED lights) and pro aqua (water disinfection with diamond electrodes), increased sales more than double. In the environmental technology sector a growth of up to 40% was registered at technology leaders Binder + Co (opto-electronic sorting systems for waste glass, etc.), Sattler AG (gas storage made of textile membranes) and AHT (energy efficient refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and the commercial sector).

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