Climate Tech Landscape presents 150 green start-ups in Austria 

An overview of green start-ups is being provided for the first time by the new Climate Tech Landscape, from the Green Tech Cluster and the Viennese start-up Glacier. The momentum in the area of climate protection is building up rapidly and is being actively promoted amongst Austrian start-ups.

The joint initiative between the Green Tech Cluster and the start-up Glacier, which helps companies to reduce their CO2 footprint, shows for the first time how the Austrian start-up scene is structured within the Climate Tech sector. 150 Climate Tech start-ups have been documented across Austria, each of which makes a contribution to climate protection through technology innovation.

“The Climate Tech Landscape displays the current high level of dynamism among green start-ups in Austria,” commented Bernhard Puttinger, Managing Director of the Green Tech Cluster. Andreas Tschas, CEO and Co-Founder of Glacier, sees a fantastic opportunity for Austria by focusing even more on a sustainable future: “At the point when CO2 pricing is introduced, at the very latest, Climate Tech will have emerged as a sector in its own right.”


Green innovation from Vorarlberg via Leoben to Oberwart

The Climate Tech Landscape displays start-up companies across Austria, which offer solutions in the energy, mobility, building, production, food and circular economy sectors. For example, Circulyzer, based in Leoben, has the stated mission to increase the availability of plastics for recycling and is constructing systems for wet-mechanical processing of waste containing spent plastics. The Viennese start-up vibe assists companies in achieving sustainable and climate-neutral mobility with its flexible fleet solution. PhytonIQ from Oberwart is a specialist in the area of automated indoor farming.


Gaining momentum

Out of these 150 start-ups, more than 70 have been founded in the last 36 months, 40% of them in Vienna, 25% in Styria and 14% in Lower Austria. The growth across Austria has been strongest in 2020 with 28 new start-ups. The highest density of green start-ups, by far, can be found in Styria, where green start-ups outnumber start-ups in the other sectors by more than two to one.

All of these start-ups with a short description and a direct link are contained in the 50 pages of the Climate Tech Landscape available here. Start-up companies that wish to be included in the landscape in the future can register online.


Barbara Zuber
Green Tech Cluster