Chippo 5010 Cd and Axtor 8012: Two strong characters in the mood to show off their chipping ability 

The demopark trade fair will see the Austro-German manufacturer demonstrate in action the Chippo 5010 Cd lorry-driven mobile chipper with a new, powerful cooling concept, and the general-purpose Axtor 8012 wood shredder. Who will come out on top in the internal race to win audience approval and effectiveness ratings?

Frohnleiten, May 2011. Blocked cooling systems, rising engine temperatures and falling chipping performance – which chipper owners have not experienced these situations? Help in the long-term is at hand here in the form of the new blockage-free, and now standard cooling concept of the lorry-operated Chippo 5010 Cd mobile chipper. It is only offered in this form by Komptech and increases levels of engine cooling for the Chippo towing vehicle by 20 percent. This means the lorry engine is able to work many hours in an optimum temperature range, even in the highest of loading conditions, and transfer the full drive power to the Chippo 5010 Cd. The general-purpose Axtor 8012 wood shredder from Komptech also boasts high levels of efficiency. Running in high-speed shredder mode, it prepares green waste for composting, and in shredding mode, the sturdy shredder generates up to 300 loose cubic metres of wood chips per hour. Both Komptech machines can be seen in action from June 26th to 28th 2011 on Stand A-139 at the demopark trade fair.

The new, powerful, and now standard cooling system of the Chippo 5010 Cd mobile chipper comprises of two components – a non-blocking, external cooling unit and a coarse-meshed charge air cooler with fins.

The cooling unit, developed on the initiative of Komptech, deserves special attention. On the Chippo 5010 Cd, it is no longer located behind the charge air cooler but instead installed as an external unit outside the engine compartment directly behind the driver’s cab. Here the water cooler works safely protected from the elements, but remains easily accessible for inspection and maintenance work. A hydraulically driven fan supplies the external cooler with fresh air from outside. When the Chippo 5010 Cd is in drive mode, the hydraulic controller drives the fan in one direction. In chipper mode, the fan changes direction every six minutes, cleaning itself automatically in the process. The new, external water cooler was developed as part of the collaboration between Komptech GmbH and commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN. This means the system works in perfect harmony with the Chippo towing vehicle and is fully incorporated into the warranty and service program of MAN.

Blockage-free charge air cooler ensures maximum chipping performance

The second key component of Komptech’s new cooling system is the enlarged charge air cooler. It replaces the original air heat exchanger of the MAN lorry engine. Its coarse-meshed cooling system is particularly permeable for dust particles and wood fibres. This prevents blockage of the charge air cooler and guarantees best possible air-heat exchange.

Continually 20 percent more cooling capacity and less fuel consumption

With the new cooling system, Komptech has succeeded in increasing the cooling capacity of Chippo carrier vehicles by about 20 percent. In the future, the engine of the Chippo carrier vehicle will also work under the highest of loading conditions within an optimum temperature range, and transfer the full drive power to the Chippo 5010 Cd mobile chipper over many hours. Fuel consumption remains relatively low despite maximum performance levels.

Large drum, aggressive feed system, two shredding modes and a screen basket quick-change system

The Chippo 5010 Cd has been designed as a mounted variant and is powered by a 484 HP lorry engine. A special transmission system developed specially for this chipper transfers power to the mounted shredding unit with virtually no loss in power. The large drum size is pivotal for the high performance levels of the Chippo. Other characteristic features are the aggressive feed system, the screen basket quick-change system and the horizontal and vertical rollers in the feed area. Every Chippo works with two shredding speeds. At 400 rpm, Komptech’s mobile chipper shreds wood trunks up to 750 millimetres in diameter. For shrubbery material, the load-dependent feed and the drum speed of 560 rpm guarantee maximum material throughput.

The Axtor 8012: one machine – two shredding modes

In the contest for throughput rate, robustness and versatility, the general-purpose Axtor 8012 wood shredder sends the competition packing. The machine is powered by a 780 HP Caterpillar C18 engine and achieves a throughput rate of up to 400 loose cubic metres per hour. The Axtor works with two shredding modes. In quick-running shredder mode, it prepares green waste for subsequent composting. Its freely-swinging tool elements are deployed here. In contrast, the general-purpose wood shredder in chipping mode (with reduced speed) generates uniformly conditioned fuel for cogeneration plants. The material spectrum of the Axtor ranges from untreated waste wood, green waste, bush cuttings and bark to wood trunks, pre-broken root wood and forest wood residue. The Axtor has a long feed table, open towards the front, with filling options on both sides. Its aggressive material feed is pioneering. Two horizontal and two vertical feed rollers ensure the material is seized and transferred to the shredding drum perfectly.
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