China orders Styrian hydropower plants

4. December 2018


ANDRITZ has received an order for the supply of four 350 MW reversible pump turbines and motor generators for the pumped storage hydro power station "ZhenAn" in China. The pump turbine units are designed for a drop height of 440 meters and will go to the grid until December 2023. With a total capacity of 1,400 MW, "ZhenAn" is the first pumped storage power plant in northwestern China. It is mainly used for peak load coverage, frequency regulation and reactive power compensation. In addition, the system serves as a standby reserve for emergencies and power failures. The order value is over 100 million euros.


ANDRITZ to supply four 350-MW pump-turbine units to China

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Shaanxi ZhenAn Pumped Storage Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), for the supply of four 350-MW reversible pump-turbines and motor-generators, together with auxiliary equipment for the ZhenAn pumped storage hydropower plant located in Shaanxi province, China. ZhenAn, with a total installed hydropower capacity of 1,400 MW, will be the first pumped storage power station in northwest China. The contract value amounts to more than 100 million euros.

The four 350-MW reversible pump-turbine units will operate with a water head of 440 m. The first unit will be commissioned by the end of March 2023, and all units will be put into commercial operation by the end of December 2023. After completion, ZhenAn will be used for peak regulation, frequency regulation, and as synchronous condenser. In addition, it will serve as emergency standby reserve and black-start capacity for the Shaanxi power grid.


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