Brings light into the darkness

9. January 2019


The Styrian small business ecoliGhts is an expert in solar lighting systems. The team around company founder Georg Dietmaier specializes in alternative self-sufficient solutions for the municipal, commercial and private sectors. Currently, a project has been implemented in the Zillertal in Tyrol, in which autonomous street lighting was installed on 1.6 km path length.


Simply sustainable

The advantage of autonomous solutions is the possibility of subsequently being able to implement street and path lighting without cabling work. A photovoltaic module generates the power required for the LED, which is temporarily stored in special batteries. By means of a charging and light control, the lighting times and the light intensity are controlled in such a way that a maximum lighting duration is guaranteed with guaranteed compliance with certain lighting standards over defined periods of time.




Georg Dietmaier
+43 3577 82 330 11

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