Biomass Conference Graz and Business Talks 2011 

At the end of January 2011, 1100 participants from 33 nations met in Graz/Austria for the largest Central European biomass conference. Main areas were, among others, the topics of torrefaction and climate policy on the basis of bioenergy. The urgency of the long-term use of renewable energies was demonstrated in a joint proclamation of the organisers addressed to the governments of the countries taking part in the conference (Graz Biomass Declaration).

Biomass Business Talks 2011, a match-making event organised in the framework of the EU project EcoCluP by ECO WORLD STYRIA together with the Styrian Business Promotion Agency and the Styrian Internationalisation Centre, has developed into a first-rate business initiation platform. In over 180 B2B meetings, 80 participants made use of the international contacts in order to find out more about potential business partners, bioenergy experts and research institutes from 16 nations.

Source: ECO WORLD STYRIA / 30.01.2011