BDI Builds the World´s Largest Biodiesel Plant 

(Grambach, 08/01/2014) BDI – BioEnergy International AG has been charged with constructing the world´s largest multi-feedstock biodiesel plant in the Netherlands with a value of approximately 47 million euros. The plant is expected to have the capacity to produce a total of 250,000 metric tons per year of biodiesel using waste material.

BDI is getting off to a good start in the 2014 fiscal year by signing the largest contract for construction of a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant in corporate history. The contract value of this unique biodiesel project amounts to approximately 47 million euros.
The Dutch client Biodiesel Amsterdam (affiliate company of Simadan Holding) began operating its first multi-feedstock biodiesel plant from BDI with a capacity of 100,000 to./year as early as 2010 and is now expanding its production capacity at that location by an additional 150,000 to./year. The biodiesel plant, housed in the Amsterdam harbour, is the world´s largest for producing biodiesel from waste materials using the patented multi-feedstock technology. Oils derived from plant and animal materials obtained from commerce, businesses, and industry are the only raw materials used in the production of standard biodiesel. This biodiesel plant therefore makes a decisive contribution to the provision of sustainable fuel to Europe with a way of producing fuel that has also been proven not to compete with food production. The safe transformation of problematic waste materials into green fuel simultaneously contributes to the safe disposal of problematic materials. The biodiesel project also encompasses installation of a facility for the distillation of glycerine with a production capacity of 50,000 to./year. Glycerine is a by-product of biodiesel production and can be profitably sold as a raw material for industry after being properly prepared, thus contributing further added value.

“This showcase project shows that the right flexible raw material biodiesel technology and access to cost-saving raw materials from the waste field can also be commercially successful even in times of great uncertainty in the biofuel market while at the same time making a meaningful contribution to increasing the proportion of sustainable biofuels in Europe. It constitutes an important, positive signal for Europe´s biofuel industry, which currently suffers from political indecisiveness and a lack of vision. BDI is very proud that its newest generation of multi-feedstock biodiesel technology is supporting and enabling such successful business models,” Dr. Edgar Ahn, CSO and member of the board of directors stated. “We are also hoping that such success stories will inspire political decision-makers to create a legal framework that will promote such investment decisions for biofuels of the second generation (biofuels based on waste materials or raw materials containing lignocellulose).

About BDI – BioEnergy International AG
BDI – BioEnergy International AG is the market and technological leader for the construction of customised biodiesel plants using the multi-feedstock process developed and patented by the company itself, which is capable of producing biodiesel from various raw materials – such as vegetable oil, used cooking oil, and animal fats – with very high efficiency.

Since its inception in 1996, BDI has been specialised in the development of technologies for the industrial reuse of by-products and waste products with simultaneous optimal resource preservation and possesses a comprehensive patent portfolio of technologies stemming from in-house research and development. As a leading builder of specialised facilities, BDI also offers efficient system concepts in the area of waste to value for gleaning high-quality biogas from industrial and community waste. The company´s spectrum of services encompasses assistance with legal details, basic and detailed engineering, construction and initial operation, as well as subsequent after sales service.

BDI – BioEnergy International AG currently employs around 110 employees with its consolidated company. The shares of BDI – BioEnergy International AG (ISIN AT0000A02177) are registered on the general standard (regulated market) on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

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