BayWa AG and Wirsol Solar are building the biggest solar park in Spain 

Together with Wirsol, the solar project developer from the south of Germany, Munich-based BayWa AG is constructing a solar park with a nominal output of 70 megawatts about 70 kilometers northwest of Alicante. This is the largest facility in Spain and one of the five largest solar parks in the whole world. The project is being realized by BayWa’s renewable energy subsidiary BayWa r.e España.

The project volume amounts to € 150 million and a joint venture was founded between the two companies for the realization of this project. Complete commissioning of the park is planned for January 2013. Starting in June 2012, the solar power plant will be connected to the grid in sections.

Solar irradiation in Alicante, the second most important town in the autonomous Valencian Community, is 40 percent higher than in Germany. “On this basis, the solar park can supply around 130,000 people with environmentally friendly power”, said Klaus Josef Lutz, CEO of BayWa AG, who sees Spain as a European pioneer in the solar power industry.

André Oechsler, Managing Director of Wirsol Spain, sees the current development as a source of great opportunities for the country and feels that now, in the midst of Spain’s economic reorientation, solar energy has the potential to become one of the largest branches of the industry. “The Alicante project has caused quite a sensation in crisis-ridden Spain”, said Oechsler. “The fact that we are working together with BayWa on this scale is a strong signal.”

With BayWa, one of the most experienced major German companies is investing in the field of renewable energies in Spain. For this reason, Roland Schuler, Member of the Board for Technology and Energy, has included Alicante in the complete strategic planning of the company: “We have already gathered lots of project experience in Spain. We now want to employ this know-how in order to realize a large portfolio here.” However, there will be no change from the company’s strategy of operating as a project developer and continuing to sell the constructed facilities.

Thanks to its project expertise, BayWa r.e España already has at its disposal a large number of developed areas for the construction and operation of solar parks and large industrial roofs at its disposal.

About Wirsol:
Wirsol Solar AG is an internationally operating project society for the planning, financing, installation, and maintenance of solar power plants of all sizes. It is represented in Germany , Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Turkey and the Maldives.

About BayWa r.e
BayWa r.e GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the BayWa Group. In the business area of BayWa r.e, the Group bundles all the activities in the field of renewable energies in order to establish itself further in this growth market. Via subsidiaries of BayWa r.e, which operate in the field of biogas, solar power plants and wind turbines across Europe, BayWa has positioned itself as a project developer and dealer in the field of renewable energies.

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