Austria´s largest building-integrated PV system – Made in Styria 

Austria´s largest building-integrated photovoltaic system, produced by PV Products GmbH in Styria, has enabled the creation of the world´s first energy-plus high-rise building and a construction project with international acclaim.

The world´s first plus-energy high-rise building, which feeds more energy into the grid than it requires and uses for the entire building operation, was festively opened in November 2014 at the Getreidemarkt campus of the Technical University of Vienna. The building has some 1,200 glass-glass modules for the south and east-facing photovoltaic façades, all produced by the advanced technology company PV Products from Wernersdorf in Western Styria.

Over 40 different module sizes were produced for the project, with the glass thickness dependent on the static loading specifications for the glass. In addition to glass-glass modules for the cold façade triple glazed insulation glass photovoltaic modules were fabricated for a warm façade. These modules, with a thickness of more than 50mm and a weight of more than 80 kg, are customised special products, whereby even the cell assignment has been adapted according to architectural specifications with reference to the light transparency requirements of the customer.

A further highlighted feature are specially shaped, triangular and trapezoid modules. The appearance of the façade is rounded off with custom-made assemblies with identical cell assignment like the glass modules.

PV Products GmbH from Wernersdorf is one of the few companies that can offer such highly specialised and customised solutions. It can therefore occupy an internationally successful niche, through innovation capability and future-oriented product development, and successfully offer products Made in Styria on the world market.

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