ATT establishes manufacturing in Graz for power film heating elements 

Effective and intelligent, thin and flexible, lightweight and space-saving, economical and efficient: With its ATT PowerFilm® the Graz based start-up is revolutionising heating in vehicles, aircraft and many other fields. As the thinnest surface heating element in the world, the technology is particularly suited to heating of vehicle interiors or aircraft wings. This heater innovation guarantees maximum comfort with low energy consumption and is therefore the solution of choice for the heating of electric vehicles.

ATT PowerFilm® – the most flexible and thinnest surface heating in the world

ATT redefines intelligent thermal management. Whether for mobility, infrastructure or other sectors, through thin and flexible films ATT has made a sustainable change to the method of heating. At a mere 150g per m2, ATT PowerFilm® is the lightest surface heating system on the market and the most flexible and thinnest in the world. Intelligent control, heating on-demand and up to 20% energy savings over conventional heating systems make ATT PowerFilm® the heating system of the future.

Infinite application and universal integration opportunities

“ATT Powerfilm® is a flexible, freely customisable film which is hardly thicker than a human hair. The film consists of an ultra-thin, electrically conductive layer sandwiched between two skin-thin layers of plastic. When a voltage is applied, the film heats up to 350°C in a few seconds, without changing any of its beneficial properties”, explained Christian Kussmann and Peter Oberauer, joint Managing Directors of ATT, when describing their product innovation, which originated from a research project on de-icing of aircraft wings.