“All aboard” at the Green Tech Hub 

The new hotspot for Graz start-up companies is now complete and offers far more than state-of-the-art facilities

The Green Tech Hub in the Science Tower can justifiably claim to be “unique in Austria”, as the support of companies in the environmental technology sector goes far beyond just the provision of office space. The young entrepreneurs are also guided and supported by Green Tech leaders,  who give these budding high-flyers the benefit of their know-how; amongst them Andritz AG, ATM Recycling Systems GmbH, BDI BioEnergy International GmbH, Energie Steiermark AG and Komptech GmbH. The Department of Economic and Tourism Development of the City of Graz and the Green Tech Cluster, as originators of the project, also act as strong supporting partners.


Coveted offices

Even though the building work finished just a few weeks ago, the first offices have already been assigned. Levion Technologies GmbH develops integrated software and hardware solutions and has secured its place in the Green Tech Hub right from the start. Michael Hofer, founder of Levion, believes the Hub has distinct advantages. “We benefit from the shared spaces, like the communication area, where we build synergies with other tenants, but are still able work undisturbed in our own offices. Furthermore, it establishes our visibility with companies in the sector and allows us to become more familiar with the ecosystem and rapidly improve our opportunities for collaboration and in the market”.


Some “icing on the cake” for tenants

In addition to the valuable support network and eleven fully equipped offices, the start-ups are provided access to eleven global locations where they can work one week each year for free. And that is not all: Each company is also supported by a subsidised lease from the city of Graz.


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Barbara Geineder
Green Tech Cluster