AHT, the world leader in advanced cooling 

“Growth through green innovation” was the dominant theme for the cluster meeting at AHT Cooling Systems.

AHT Cooling Systems is the world leader in industrial cooling and refrigeration. 1,000 employees, at the main site in Rottenmann, produce ​​the world´s leading cooling systems over a production area of 60,000 m2. With 250,000 refrigeration units being shipped annually, the production lines are impressive, ranging from stamping presses through to the insulation foam filling facility and final assembly. The cooling and refrigeration systems are supplied to the leading supermarket and discount food chains, as well as manufacturers from the ice cream and beverage industries.

Always one step ahead
“Growth through green innovation” is realised by such aspects as the ISO 14001 certification and resource-saving production process, as well as the environmentally oriented products. Sustainability, energy efficiency, innovation and maximum customer benefit are the pillars of AHT, and are part of everyday life at the company. This was fully evident to the 22 participants in the impressive works visit. Staff in the R & D department work at the cutting edge. They promote innovation capability and incorporate customer requirements into the production process. Women make up a refreshing 40% of the production workforce, demonstrating the focus here is on people as well as the environment.

More infomatione on the company AHT Cooling Systems can be found at: http://www.aht.at/