AEE implements greener breweries in Spain and Portugal 

The objective of the project is firstly to demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility with respect to integration of large-scale solar power plants in the brewing industry.

Due to the required process temperatures mainly in the range between 50 and 100°C, processes in breweries and malt houses are particularly well suited to solar thermal integration, as flat panel and vacuum tube collectors have good efficiency in this temperature range.

In order to gain practical experience, the installation of three large-scale solar power plants at three different locations of HEINEKEN is planned: One for the drying process in a malt house in Portugal, one for the mashing process in the Göss brewery in Austria and one for the pasteurisation process in a brewery in Spain.

The total installed capacity of solar systems at all three sites together will amount to 5.08 MWth, which corresponds to a collector area of 7,270 m².

Video: Heineken Göss Brewery