Advanced electric drive for mobile biomass processing

20. February 2017


Komptech has launched a new mobile star screen machine with over-length return, for the processing of recycled timber and biomass, that has the highest level of efficiency due to the advanced electric motor drive. All machine components (such as the screen deck and conveyor belts) are electrically driven. Compared to hydraulic drives, this results in significantly lower energy consumption. In addition, there is an on-board hybrid drive for the drive power, which reduces energy costs by up to 75% when connected to the electricity network. This gives potential savings in CO2 of up to 6.5 tonnes per year, per machine.

The new Multistar One screen makes waste wood and biomass processing highly efficient. An upstream Crambo or Terminator handles the shredding. The new One then separates out a defined useful fraction while returning overlengths to the shredder.

Wide range of uses

The combination of Crambo shredder and Multistar screen has proven its value many times, and now it’s better than ever: The new Multistar One is configured to avoid overlengths and precisely limit the particle size of the Crambo output. The primary application is waste wood processing, but green cuttings (“woody biomass”), rootstocks, forestry residue, bark etc. can also be processed into a saleable product in one pass.


Additional information can be found HERE.


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