“30 Years – The #1 in Bio Gas Storage Tanks” 

In 1981, SATTLER AG developed the double membrane gas storage tank. For 30 years, SATTLER AG has been at the forefront of the storage of biogas. The ¾-sperical shaped double membrane gas storage tanks –stand-alone version- represent the industrial standard.

During our anniversary, we will celebrate for one year using our motto “30 Years of biogas storage” starting at the beginning of the IFAT Shanghai, China in May 2011 and ending with the IFAT in Munich in May 2012. In addition to our internal celebration, of course, there are trade shows in which we will be celebrating our 30-year anniversary.

Also a LOGO was designed for use at fairs, emails and also promotional materials like post-IT notes and coffee to go cups are representing this theme.

Quelle: Sattler AG / 06.07.2011