3 exhibition innovations from the Green Tech Valley at the Leading Technology trade fair. 

Gold, Star, No. 1 – these are the attributes that distinguish the location Styria, the Green Tech Valley and the home of the Environmental technology-cluster ECO WORLD STYRIA as global leader in environmental technologies. For the innovative and dynamic Styrian environmental technology industry, having most recently achieved an export quota of 87%, the leading international trade fair Hannover 2013 offers a broad stage to present their world-class products and technologies.

For one week clean, cutting-edge technologies from the Green Tech Valley were the industry-magnets for investors, innovators and technology developers at the Industrial GreenTec, Hannover 2013. Because since the invention of the Kaplan turbine 100 years ago, a globally unique concentration of innovation-, technology- and market leaders in the areas of renewable energy and environmental technologies has come into existence in Styria. Around 200 companies and research institutions in the ECO WORLD STYRIA -cluster work and do research on the environmental innovations for tomorrow.

World-class products from Styria in the display window
“Green flashes of inspiration”, thus technologies and products from the Green Tec Valley are in demand on every continent. Be it electricity from wood gas, bio-diesel from seemingly worthless waste, be it multifunctional facades or energy storage technologies – with their innovative solutions the companies from the Green Tech Valley are some of Austria´s export champions. And in Hannover-live there were amongst others the flexible LED-tube from SFL pluslight, the torrefied Biomass of ANDRITZ AG, high-precision flow meters by Anton Paar, the innovative heat-paint “radheat” from qpunkt for airplanes and wind-turbines and even the most energy-efficient refrigeration compressor in the world of ACC.

Meeting-place of the Elite
The exhibition centre in Hannover is the technological display window of the world with leading trade fairs, among others in the areas of mechanical engineering, industrial automation, IT, energy- and environmental technologies and R&D (F&E). A portfolio that fits perfectly with the Styrian strengths under the motto growth through innovation. The 200 000 expected visitors are received by around 5 000 exhibitors; professional congresses, forums and lectures to accompany the exhibition.

It’s not only the international professional elite that use the presence of the ECO cluster in Hannover for pulse-giving exchange. During his visit, the Styrian Economic Minister Christian Buchmann had discussions with high-ranking economic representatives from Hannover, Lower Saxony and other international delegations, in order to initiate new economic impulses. “The Styrian environmental technology is successful worldwide and an economic engine for Styria, which the EU recently named European Entrepreneurial Region for 2013 in recognition of the excellent economic performance. The fact that 50% of all Austrian exhibitors here in Hannover come from the Green Tech Valley also speaks for the high technological competence,” Buchman was pleased to say.

Dynamics and successes
The dynamics in the Green Tech Valley can be well expressed in successes and numbers. With a regional R&D-rating of 4.3% of the economic output, Styria is an international leader. With an average of 18.4% per year the Styrian environmental-technology-companies have grown almost twice as fast as the global market in the last five years mostly due to the strong exports which was most recently measured at 87%. They have also created a total of 6 000 jobs, that is an increase of 10%.

In the ranking of global environmental-technology-clusters the US-Venture-capital-network “Cleantech Group” chose the Styrian companies and research institutions as number 1. This also remained unchanged in the 2012 newly publicised ranking. With the “RegioStars Award 2012” the European commission named the Styrian environmental-cluster as the most innovative growth project in Europe. In addition, external Audits gave ECO the highest possible label “Cluster Management Excellence – Gold” – and with 98% Audit results, ECO is also one of the best cluster management teams in Europe.