Stanford Expert Talk: Future of Climate & Circular Solutions

The Stanford University Expert Talk and the strategy workshops that followed on, was an opportunity for renowned researchers and entrepreneurs to meet with the ICS and the Green Tech Cluster and discuss the latest highlights in technology and the solutions for a greener circular economy.

New strategy, goals achieved, and new ones set

The Green Tech Valley is the world’s leading hotspot for Climate & Circular Solutions and the incubator for new benchmarks in technology, such as the most efficient hydropower plants, tailor-made wind power generators and leading recycling systems for batteries. This is a win-win combination of climate protection with regional growth.

NRGkick Connect – the solar fuel tank

Use your own solar power to charge an electric vehicle and thus take another step towards climate-friendly mobility. The NRGkick mobile charging unit and cable, from the company DiniTech, has enabled location-independent charging at any power socket since 2015. By using the additional NRGkick Connect smart feature, it is now possible to charge using solar power via one of four potential strategies.

24/7 support for the sorting plant with REDWAVE mate

The Styrian expert in waste handling plants, REDWAVE, now offers the world’s first self-learning system to improve the efficiency, yield and purity of waste sorting. REDWAVE mate measures quality during the recycling operation and facilitates quick capture and evaluation of information during production.