13. November 2013




Experience from the interlocking of universities, laboratories, and company R&D divisions, one of the core competences of Styrian cluster work, forms the basis for the ideas and technologies that continuously further develop the way we think, work, and live together. Therefore, the role of research is of vital importance in terms of a sustainable and resource-conserving future.

A look back at the past shows the brilliant minds, including Tesla, Boltzmann, and Nobel prize winner Hess, Styria has produced throughout its history. As many as 100 years ago, the success story of environmental innovations started in this part of the world. In 1913, the Mürzzuschlag native Viktor Kaplan invented the hydropower turbine. Styrian innovators have been delivering trend-setting forms of environmental technology from this Green Tech Valley ever since. 

However, Styria now goes the extra mile and pools forces in its newly founded research association called „Green Tech Research Styria“, growing admirably with approx. 1,200 researchers in the cleantech sector. The focus is on „smart living environments“, including the topics of intelligent buildings, decentralised renewable energy, green mobility, and the interconnected areas of recycling and climate services.

Concurrently, the University for Mining, Metallurgy, and Materials of Leoben, as a renowned research and innovation location for the fields of raw materials and recycling, is preparing a promising innovation consortium for the European lighthouse initiative – the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – abbreviated as „EIT“ – with a budget of several billion Euros.

In this spirit, I hope you will have an enjoyable and sustainable reading experience with this edition of the ECO WORLD MAGAZINE.


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