10. Mai 2013


Energy storage – Empower – Efficient Buildings


The implementation of the energy turn around is not going to be a sure-fire success. A large number of barriers must be vanquished and numerous new approaches and solutions need to be developed. A current obstacle that needs to be overcome at this point is the electrical and thermal storage of energy. This energy storage only allows for large-scale transit to renewable energies. Technologies from the Green Tech Valley provide a strong contribution (page 4).

However, the turnaround is not only supported by efficient deposits. Saving electricity and heat is and will remain a central aspect. And since 40 % thereof is consumed just in the field of buildings, this is exactly the point where things regarding efficiency can be changed. With the energy efficiency directive of the EU, the base is provided. Numerous innovations and demonstration projects in Styria show new technical solutions (page 6).

In order to transport all these innovations and technical progress into the world – and to make them usable by as many people as possible – international cooperations and networks will become more and more important. In this, the ECO WORLD STYRIA cluster considers itself a trailblazer providing the national companies with global opportunities, but also familiarising international companies with Styrian innovations (pages 9 and 15).

In this spirit, I hope you will have an enjoyable and sustainable reading experience with this edition of the ECO WORLD MAGAZINE.


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