Eco-Power in Austria: Eco World Styria Cluster Wins 2012 RegioStars Award

9. Januar 2013



When one thinks of Austria, Vienna is usually the first city to spring to mind. Granted, Vienna is the capital, the biggest city and the business centre of the country. But peaceful, green and beautiful, as well as an economic and greentech trailblazer, Styria is the economic powerhouse of Austria.

Led by its clean- and greentech and environmental engineering sectors, the Styrian region has put innovation into everything it does. In 2005, the region formed its Eco World Styria cluster to facilitate the growth of innovative green businesses that could compete globally. Both practically and in policy-making, cleantech companies in Styria have broken ground in developing clean, environmentallyfriendly technologies. More than 150 companies operate in the cleantech sector in Styria – the highest density of clean technology companies in the world. In 2010, Eco World Styria was rated the number one cleantech environmental technology cluster in the world by the USA´s Cleantech Group.

Eco World Styria Recognition: RegioStars 2012 „Smart Growth“ Award
In 2012, Eco World Styria was awarded the RegioStars 2012 prize for regional excellence by theEuropean Commission. The prize recognises achievement in a specific projectco-financed by the EU. Styria and Eco World Styria received the coveted „Smart Growth“ award. Eco World Styria was recognised for its ECO FUTURE RADAR project, which identified environmental issues, market trends and problems, strategies and solutions within cleantech for future examination and gathered these ideas in an ECO FUTURE RADAR publication.

RegioStars Awards exist to identify good practices in regional development and recognise innovative projects that can inspire other regions and business development. The RegioStars awards are a part of the European Commission´s Regions for Economic Change initiative.

Eco World Styria: Eco Recognition
„Styria has established itself not just as a European leader in implementing renewable energy and eco-technology solutions but also as a global thought leader in green and cleantech,“ stated Erika Wolfe, from online FDI locations information resource, Locations4business. „The 2012 RegioStars Award provides further independent recognition for the region´s leadership in environmental innovation. Styria not only invests in its own future but helps other regions and companies with the power of its own green experiences. Eco World Styria and the Styrian regioncontinually work hard to facilitate knowledge sharing and creating conditions conducive to investment in the environmental sector.“

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PR Newswire, December 5, 2012


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