28. November 2012


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History shows that major processes of change are closely related to social changes. The same holds true regarding the change towards clean and sustainable energies. For a number of months, a movement that will boost the energy turnaround has been becoming more and more dynamic: within a very short period of time, more than one hundred photovoltaic power plants with citizen participation emerged in Austria – and, according to the experts, the boom has only just begun (page 4).

The commercial economy is also working intensively on the sustainable design for our future energy production. Innovative companies headquartered in the Green Tech Valley are conducting research work in the exciting field of „Waste-Biomass to Energy“ since some time and have already been able to achieve pioneering successes (page 6). The efforts of citizens and economy form the prerequisite and basis for intelligent, new solutions and innovations. However, the fact that leading figures and pioneers are important for change processes was clearly demonstrated to us by the inspiring visit of the adventurist and solar pioneer Bertrand Piccard. His exciting visions and projects are both emboldening and encouraging and show what a clean, renewable future can look like (page 10).

In order to achieve tangible success, it is all the more important that all persons involved pull together in the one direction: technology providers, leading figures, and citizens. In the Green Tech Valley, this is already the credo being lived by today; and this has also not gone unnoticed internationally (page 15).

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