Austrian Electricity Company Verbund Refurbishes Styrian Hydropower Plants and Lowers Prices by 5%

9. Januar 2013



The Austrian region of Styria has proven that there is no contradiction between modernising and providing consumer value, all under the umbrella of employing renewable, clean energy resources. Hydropower electricity is the most important source of energy in Styria – South Styria´s 21,000 households are already covered by clean hydropower. With its renovation programme, the Austrian electricity provider Verbund is taking its hydropower plants to the next phase.

Styrian Hydropower: 400 Million EUR to Modernise Hydropower Plants
With more than 400 million EUR poured into the modernisation and expansion of Styria´s hydropower facilities, multiple upgrades to existing plants and the construction of new cutting-edge plants are on the immediate horizon. Starting with Verbund´s Mur power plant, whose turbines and generators have been in operation for almost 50 years, the refurbished Mur plant was commissioned in July 2012 and included integration of new state-of-the-art technology that promises up to five percent improved efficiency and the added bonus of better environmental protections.

Verbund is Styria´s largest power-plant operator with 41 hydropower plants and is actively investing in the expansion of renewable energies and major modernisation programmes throughout the region.

Styria: Lower-Cost Renewable Hydropower
Verbund also announced reductions of five percent on its electricity prices by 5% for both consumer and corporate customers. Verbund will also guarantee these pricing levels for Austrian hydropower through February of 2014. The reduction coincides with changes to Austria´s green electricity law, which imposes a fee on electricity customers that is applied to renewable energy investment. The price reduction will defray some of the costs borne by the end user.

Styria is the Future of Green and Cleantech
„The Styrian region of Austria is widely recognised for its forward-looking policies and programmes for renewable energy, green and cleantech and environmental engineering. Having won a European Commission Regiostars award for its Eco World cluster´s strides in environmental problem-solving, Styria is a European leader in cleantech andrenewable energy use. Styria has shown that it is possible to implement cutting-edge modernisation in its power-producing facilities in the real world while still bringing savings to customers without sacrificing overarching environmental regional goals,“ stated Erika Wolfe from Locations4business, an online FDI location information platform. „For investors to Austria, the benefit is twofold – Styria offers both a strong infrastructure to support environmental endeavours and eco-focused projects and business models as well as stable pricing for increasingly renewable energy to power their endeavours.“

Locations4business is an online business-to-business resource that offers comprehensive, independent, third-party site selection and location information to help businesses research and make decisions on locating their business operations.

Visit Locations4businessto learn more about investing in the heart of Austria´s cleantech capital, Styria:

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